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The technical staff of Kevo One is specialized in the use, repair and maintenance of high and ultra-high vacuum systems. A highly qualified team integrated by professionals graduated in several scientific-technical disciplines and more than 15 years of experience in vacuum and electronic design can provide you service in the following fields:


Aimed towards the optimization of vacuum lines and the selection of suitable vacuum systems and components, we find the best solution for each case.

A personalized attention is the label of Kevo One, characterized by prioritizing each customer’s needs.

Maintenance plans adapted to your needs. Sign up for our annual maintenance plan and say goodbye to your worries.
Our staff will examine your system and offer you a diagnostic report along with the repair cost estimate. Everything in a brief period of time.
Once the service has finalized, you still can count on us for a continued assessment on your system.
Sometimes, a few changes in your system can turn into a great improvement in terms of performance and lifetime. Our staff can help you out on this matter, finding the solutions for you. We also work on obsolete systems, just ask us.
Our technical advice can provide you the support to find the product that fits best to your requirements, not only for the purchase of new equipments but also for proposal preparation on new project application.

We can take care of processing and outsourcing to an external Certification Entity. Just ask us.

We also provide technical formation courses about the use of the vacuum systems.
Ask us for a quotation on vacuum pumps from different brands. Let us help you, and together we will find the solution that fits best to your needs.
Every component or accessory that your system may need: valves, bearings, tip seals…
We offer refurbished equipment at a very competitive price.

Kevo One also offers to their customers the development of personalized applications in vacuum generation, in order to satisfy the demand of specific requirements.
A highly qualified team of physicists and engineers in collaboration with leading national and international companies will work in prototype development for vacuum technology, as well as in the creation of special elements.

Novel control systems to ease the equipment monitoring.

Kevo One offers technical advice, maintenance and repair of vacuum pumps and other vacuum systems to technology centers, research centers, universities, R&D departments and technology based enterprises.

Thanks to the high quality delivered, endorsed by the qualification of our staff, and the implementation of monitoring systems, as well as the optimization and improvement of vacuum lines in industrial processes, Kevo One has been positioned as reference consultant in vacuum technologies.

The maintenance and repair services for products of any brand are made by following the standards and protocols recommended by the manufacturers and using original replacement parts, examining the critical process points in order to prevent failures that would affect your process or application, and thus offering a guaranteed quality of service.

Kevo One provides a complete service, not only for product purchasing but also on services offered at local and European level. In 2017 starts its activity at international level through countries such as Morocco and USA.

Strengthening the international business is one of the main short-term strategies.

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